Power-up USB CS-LCD

After assembling about 1 week, finally i’ve finished my USB CS-LCD board. This board is an USB interface board for alphanumeric HD44780 LCD modules. It has been tested using lcdproc in puppy Linux.


USB CS-LCD has the following features:
[V] designed for both 2×16 and 4×20 character HD44780 LCD
[V] supports 32-keys scanning input

[V] software-controlled backlight
[V] display contrast adjustment
[V] provides USB type-B interface and 4-pin SIP connector
[V] supports special characters
[V] provides 4 ports GIO interface
[V] no external power supply is needed
[V] without FIRMWARE. It uses libusb for data transfer.

Special Notes

  1. server driver patch for lcdproc has been implemented. i hope it can be considered to be included into next released LCDproc project source. i’ll provide this patch soon. Board detection, usb data transfer and backlight control are all in that patch, mainly using libusb, so no need both linux driver nor special firmware. LCDproc can be run smoothly using that board and the patch.
  2. It can be connected either by using USB type-B cable to usb port or using 4-pin female IDC cable to onboard/internal usb port that increase its usability to your broad applications
  3. keypad routine has not been implemented yet

Current Status


Currently, board prototype is available.


4 Komentar to “Power-up USB CS-LCD”

  1. Kpk turunla ke tegal ..adili kpud panwaslu jg pemenangnya banteng.bp sby ,jg bp mentri dlm negri apa tdk tahu masalah ini?tunjukan pd kami yg benar dan ya salah…amin

  2. proyeknya yg ini jalan ga mas???

    tertarik nih pengen bikin juga.. 🙂 kabarin yah kalau bisa lewat email saya

    oxoxbyx_at_@gmail.com (red: maaf alamat email diedit, kasihan nanti ada spam)

  3. modulna dijual ga nih mas? jd tertarik juga soalnya punya beberapa lcd nganggur..

  4. Hi, where are the schematics to build?? It’s very interesting! Thanks
    Please email me

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