Lyx Latex GUI Editor on Puppy Linux OS

Lyx Editor (front)

Lyx Editor (front)

I’ve installed and created Lyx pet file for Puppy Linux OS. Lyx is an open source wysiwym editor front-end for tex/latex file documents. If you have tex/latex files you may need this Lyx editor to open, modify and save them.

I’m using OpenSuSE10.2 rpm files to create Lyx puppy pet file. In order to use Lyx, we need at least 3 SuSE rpm files: 1) lyx-, 2) tetex-3.0.20.i586.rpm and 3) te_latex-3.0.20.i586.rpm. We’ll need rpm2cpio and cpio utility program to extract this rpm files.

  • convert, extract and create lyx- pet fileplease use link on comment below – 5.4MB
       mkdir lyx-1.3.6-3-i586 && cd lyx-1.3.6-3-i586
       rpm2cpio /mnt/hda/suse/i586/lyx-1.3.6-3.i586.rpm | cpio -i --make-directories 
       cd .. && dir2pet lyx-1.3.6-3-i586
  • convert, extract and create tetex-3.0-20 pet file please use link on comment below – 84.5MB
       mkdir tetex-3.0-20-i586 && cd tetex-3.0-20-i586
       rpm2cpio /mnt/hda/suse/i586/tetex-3.0-20.i586.rpm | cpio -i --make-directories 
       cd .. && dir2pet tetex-3.0-20-i586
  • convert, extract and create te_latex-3.0-20 pet file please use link on comment below – 8.4MB
       mkdir te_latex-3.0-20-i586 && cd te_latex-3.0-20-i586
       rpm2cpio /mnt/hda/suse/i586/te_latex-3.0-20.i586.rpm | cpio -i --make-directories 
       cd .. && dir2pet te_latex-3.0-20-i586

Install the pet files and you are now ready to create your tex/latex/lyx files.


7 Komentar to “Lyx Latex GUI Editor on Puppy Linux OS”

  1. Hi!

    thanks for packages, but I can’t download any of these!

    trying to download an error is showed:

    425 Failed to establish connection

    can you solve?

  2. To support Docbook and tth (tex to html), you’ll need sgmltools and tth. I’ve created those pet files, too. Uploading files is in progress.

  3. Pet files to play tex using Lyx Wysiwyg has been uploaded to filefront. or (without any docs, will save space) or (without any docs, will save space about 80Megs) tex-to-html converter to create DocBook class documents

    Just download those files, install and enjoy.

    I’ve also created sfs files built from those 5 packages above: texplay_301.sfs (89.11Megs) and texplay-nodoc_301.sfs (44.19Megs). I’ve not tried it, though. But i think it should work in Puppy 3.01. Just rename it from 301 to 400 (for example) if you are working on puppy-4.00.

    i’ve had 3 sfs files loaded in my puppy, so i’m happy to install lyx just from its pet file. Please tell me if the texplay sfs working for you 🙂

  4. Qt4-based has been uploaded here.
    You’ll need libqt4 library from

  5. fails to install on my Puppy 4.12 installation. Puppy Package Manager throws an error that the contents did not properly expand. The other packages are installing okay, but I haven’t tried to use them yet.

  6. Hi… tolong saya, saya sudah mendownload 2 pet files untuk lyx berbasis qt4, akan tetapi lyx selalu gagal di exekusi, dengan pesan sebagai berikut:

    error while loading shared libraries: /lib/

    Bisakah Anda membantu saya.
    Terima kasih

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