Buck Regulator Design (Fixed Output)

In this article, a procedure to design a buck regulator to provide voltage output 2A@3.3V and 2A@5V will be presented. This regulator uses Diodes AP1509 (a 150KHz, 2A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter) series: AP1509-33SG-13 (for 3.3V output) and AP1509-50SG-13 (for 5V output). You can also use either LM2596 or LM2592 as regulator.

It will be used to supply power to several devices on ip08 board, including ADSP processor, SDRAM, SPI flash, NAND-flash, SLICs, 2 Ethernet port, USB host for upto usb devices @100mA, IDE-HDD, etc.

Download Buck Regulator Design (Fixed Output).


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