Firefox-3.5.1 with Flash 10 for Puppy Linux

Firefox-3.5.1 pet file with Adobe flash player 10 plugins inside has been created. So that, swf file can be played using this flash player 10 plugins, instead of flash 9 that installed by default in Firefox.

Firefox will search plugins on /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins folder first, then $MOZ_LIBDIR/plugins. Formerly, in that folder, there is older flash player (i.e flash 9), so in this pet file it should be replaced with the new one. Otherwise Firefox will use this older player other than the new one.

Click for download.

Dependencies: You will need libdbus_glib and dbus library to run firefox (work for puppy-3 and 4.20).


10 Komentar to “Firefox-3.5.1 with Flash 10 for Puppy Linux”

  1. Busyet dah. Mas eko bikin ngiri nich. oiya ngemeng2 spek compi mas eko apa sich, penasaran. Kok milih distro yg le petit (imut)?

    • Pakai Acer Aspire 4710. Resourcenya melimpah sih, 512MB RAM, 2GHz processor.

      Saya hanya butuh seperlunya saja, mas. Ringan, nggak boros di resource.

      • Akhirnya mas, saya bisa donlot distro puppy linux terbaru! Tp sy pilih yg retro. Takut enga kuat, hehe. Dah coba live cdnya sich. Tp blm nginstall nich. Minta tolong mas. Gmana yah cara dual boot dgn xp? Soalnya bapak saya masih tidak bisa lepas sm bounce (mungkin nanti bisa diinstalin via wine atau mas punya referensi game linux mirif bounce?) nah, dulu khan mas pernah bilang kl linux bisa diinstal inside windows kaya ubuntu, gmana tuh caranya?

  2. I have installed/removed and reinstalled your ff3.5 pet many times now, and cannot get it to work. There are many reported missing libraries when I check dependencies…looking at the filesystem, they seem to be present! Can’t figure it out; Puppy seems great until I try to add applications! Please help!

    Richard the noob.

    • /opt/ path is not listed on LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment. But it’s ok, as firefox wrapper add it for you.

      Please run firefox from console to see how it run.

  3. I’m getting the same problems as you Richard.

    I’m using a new build of puppy 4.2.1 on a usb stick.

    If I run “firefox” from the console I get the following message :

    firefox-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Fordy, also a puppy linux noob.

  4. Thanks for the advice Edwidianto.

    Since then I’ve used the Firefox pet from (username : puppy , password: linux) and this version of FF3.5 works fine (although the pet install did mention dependencies)

    There’s also a flash 10 (see adobe) pet located here too. I installed this afterwards, but Firefox continued use Flash 9.

    However I got around this by copying the plugins from the seamonkey folder and putting them in the firefox folder. Now it seems to be using flash 10.

    Thanks again,

  5. dear mas eko,

    sy jg pemakai puppy mas, walo gak tiap hari. btw, beberapa hari kemarin sy baru taw kl ada forum puppy bahasa indonesia yg dibuat oleh mas andy “kinjeng” di
    akan bagus sekali kalo puppy-er indonesia yg dah senior seperti mas eko bergabung (ataw sudah ya? 😀 ) di forum ini biar semua masalah/info puppy te-record dengan rapih.

    salam puppy

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