Aspell package (and dictionary) for Puppy Linux

I found this spell checker package is useful when i installed Lyx program on my Puppy Linux. Lyx uses either ispell, aspell or hspell as spellchecker. Ispell is non-GNU, so that it was then replaced by free Aspell, see Its current version is 0.60.6 since 2008, April.

Although I intended this package for Lyx text processor, other text processors/editors may need this Aspell, but I don’t know which ones of them.

There are three packages I’ve installed to support spellchecker on Lyx: 1) main package, 2) english dictionary and 3) indonesian dictionary I used /opt/aspell as prefix, so all Aspell files will be installed there.

After install them, you can then check your document spelling (and later make correction), by clicking Tools->Spellchecker menu or pressing F7 shortcut key. But, set your document language first (from Tools->Preferences menu, Language setting tabs).

Below snapshot when Aspell check Lyx intro document spelling (in English language) and my Bahasa document:


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