Texlive 2009, Lyx and Puppy Linux

This is blog version of the article i posted at Puppy Linux Discussion Forum about texplay-2009-beta.sfs beta-release. This sfs is a almost complete tex document production system for Puppy Linux. If you like programming, you’ll love this such system too as it’s just like making a document using programming syntax that control how the document output should be (its layout, format, etc). Academic and science publications and books preferably use this system because the document file outputs the same result anywhere on various OS, document editor GUI, etc.

How does it fit for ‘newbie’ user? Lyx GUI will make this document programming much easier. You have only to set document class, and all you have to do is just writing the document content without worrying about its layout and format (font, indent, list, table, image, etc). So, what are you waiting for?

The texplay sfs file consists the following packages:

  1. document typesetter using texlive-20091107-source and texlive-20091107-texmf (without any document and only include selective fonts). Various document classes and layouts are included. I plan to create some additional book and article classes to comply with ITB academic publications style, such as ITB journal, final project (tugas akhir), theses and dissertion book.
  2. lyx- wysiwym as tex GUI
  3. spell checker using aspell-0.60.0 and also english and indonesian (bahasa) dictionary
  4. image converter using ImageMagick-, ghostscript-8.70 and ghostscript-fonts-std-8.11
  5. prerequisites packages: qt4-4.4.2 and Python-2.6.4

This sfs file size is 173MB and will occupy your storage about 471MB when installed fully in your HD. I’m little ashamed with this huge size, but for functionality i think it can be sacrificed. Sorry.

I’ve test it under Puppy Linux 4.31, and ps, pdf, html and dvi output can be generated from all Help menu file.

However, this texplay sfs is considerably as beta release. So, any reports including bugs found, successful implementations and missing features, and also suggestions are all highly appreciated Very Happy


  1. Installation (if you new to puppy): quoted from puppy package management

    Download any SFS file to /mnt/home (the same place as your “pupsave” personal storage file), run the BootManager (in the System menu) to select or deselect what SFS files you want to use, reboot Puppy and its ready to go.

  2. dvi file is truly generated. But there is no dvi viewer installed, instead of conversion wrapper script that acts as xdvi viewer as the following:
    # xdvi: dvi viewer
    FILENAME=`echo $* | tr ' ' '\n' | grep -ie ".dvi"`
    [ "$FILENAME" ] || exit
    DIRNAME=`dirname $FILENAME`
    if [ -d $DIRNAME ]; then
    cd $DIRNAME
    dvipdf `basename $FILENAME` - | epdfview -
  3. Features supported:
    * htlatex for generating html from lyx/tex/latex file
    * standar lyx document class, package and layout

* texplay-2009-beta-sfs4.sfs
* texplay-2009-beta-sfs4.sfs.md5sum
* Lyx configuration status

Lyx running on Puppy Linux in Virtual Box

Lyx running on Puppy Linux in Virtual Box


2 Komentar to “Texlive 2009, Lyx and Puppy Linux”

  1. Geeee … i though it was lynx the browser, hehe … :mrgreen: i have no idea what this is… Beyound my knowledge … I even still have no clue to connect with wvdial in puppy, your tutorial not yet work with me 😦 please help me …

  2. mas … salam kenal
    saya pingin sekali menambah style untuk skripsi dan sfs dari mas direbuild biar lebih lengkap
    tp caranya gmn?

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